As the impact of technology on our society continues to broaden, a foundation in and facility with mathematics will become increasingly necessary.  For that reason, the Mathematics Department strongly recommends that each student complete four years of high school mathematics regardless of his or her plans after graduation.  Success in mathematics courses depends upon the mastery of skills, understanding of basic concepts, proper placement and
adequate motivation.  Homework is an essential element in all mathematics courses.  It is expected that all students will spend sufficient time on the homework assignments not only to complete the homework but also to gain the necessary practice, skills and understanding of the material.  It is beneficial for students to purchase their own scientific calculator so that they may become familiar with its functions.

Department Announcements
Pi Day of the Century
Happy Pi Day of the Century!
Today, 3/14/15, at 9:26:53 a.m.we will experience the first 10 digits starting the sequence of the mathematical constant Pi (3.141592653...). It will be another 100 years before this phenomenon occurs
again! Check out the EcoTarium in Worcester today for its Ultimate Pi Day Celebration.
WPI Invitational Math Meet
Once again, GHS participated in the Annual WPI Invitational Math Meet. On Oct 21st, four students from AP Calculus spent the day at WPI. The itinery included 2 competitions; an individual and a team round, a campus tour, a discussion on Admissions requirements, an all-you-can-eat lunch in the student cafeteria and an awards ceremony. Top teams received scholarship money to WPI. The top scorer from each team received a $1000 scholarship to WPI.

This year's team included: Sean Cloran, Neha Majeti, Antony Qin and Jeremy Shorr. Our top scorer was Neha Majeti! Contratulations to Neha and to the entire team for a job well done.

Mrs Sherman
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